the Hospital Chapel

Date late 12th century
King Jayavarman VII
(posthumous name:Maha paramasangata pada)
Cult Buddhist
Clearing H. Marchal in 1920

Having passed the Spean Thma and then the bend in the road towards the south (7 kilometre marker stone), there is, on the right, a sanctuary tower similar to Ta Prohm Kel (in front of Angkor Wat). The discovery of a stele reproducing the well-known text of the edict of Jayavarman VII relating to hospitals confirmed its identification as the chapel of one of the 102 establishments founded by the king and mentioned in the inscription of Ta Prohm.

Passing the remains of the cruciform gopura with its eastern door and two small wings - in laterite and sandstone - one reaches the foot of the prasat. This is preceded by a pavement of about twenty metres and is practically complete, with four upper tiers, though it stands a little precariously. It is a cruciform building with three false doors, opening to the east by a two-windowed vestibule and enclosing a square sanctuary chamber of 2m.00 each side. The decoration, on a base of foliated scrolls, is very poor, - the devatas are quite mediocre, and on the frontons the image of the Buddha has been defaced.

In front of the door is an unusual pedestal with vertical bands. Mr Goloubew also noted a fronton "where one can distinguish a representation of the bodhisattva Lokesvara associated with the figure of a patient - apparently suffering from nervous leprosy - of whom an attendant is preparing to massage the hand".