Prasat Prei

"The forest sanctuary"

Date late 12th - early 13th century
King Jayavarman VII
(posthumous name: Maha paramasangata pada)
Cult Buddhist
Clearing H. Mauger in 1934

After the 9th kilometre marker stone and just beyond the route Fombertaux leading to the eastern entrance of Prah Khan, one takes a forest track to the right. At about 100 metres on the left, perched on a hillock, stands Prasat Prei.

Enclosed by a single laterite wall - most of which has collapsed - this temple consists of the remains of a gopura in laterite and sandstone and then a sandstone sanctuary opening to the east, forming a tower with four upper tiers preceded by a vestibule that has been restored. The sanctuary chamber, with three false doors - moulded on the exterior - is cruciform in plan and 2m.90 in width.

The decoration is linked with no peculiarity to the style of the Bayon (dense ornamentation, devatas, false windows with lowered blinds) while the frontons have been defaced.

In the courtyard - where on the southern side a badly ruined laterite and sandstone "library" has a moulded false door to the east - an interesting chariot being pulled by oxen was found, set on a base. It has been removed to the Bayon sculptures storeroom.