Prasat Leak Neang

"The sanctuary of the hidden woman"

Date second half of the 10th century (960)
King Rajendravarman
(posthumous name: Shivaloka)
Cult Brahmanic

This small tower, constructed in bricks which are smaller than those used at Pre Rup, is situated slightly to the north-east of this monument at about 100 metres from the road. With simple mouldings it shows no trace of any decoration or plaster. The false doors are in brickwork and the sanctuary chamber, of only 2m.30 in width, opens to the east. The sandstone lintel shows Indra on a three headed elephant surmounted by a frieze of small figures in prayer. Behind is a double timber beam.

The inscriptions on the door jambs describe various donations and gives the date of 960 - which is earlier than Pre Rup by one year. This temple could therefore have formed a part - with others that have since disappeared - of its external enclosure.