Krol Damrei

"The Elephant Park"

Eight hundred metres after the 7th kilometre marker stone indicating the western entrance to Prah Khan, a path on the left of the road leads to Krol Damrei, which can be found 75 metres into the forest. This curious ruin, discovered in 1924, forms an elliptical arena of about 45 metres by 55 that is entered by two large openings at either extremity of the longer axis. A broad laterite retaining wall of 3m.00 in height surrounds it, restraining a large embankment that must have allowed the construction of a platform - the wooden poles of which would have been held in the vertical slots that can be seen located around the perimeter at two metre intervals. This arrangement, where one can still see a drainage channel for foul water towards the north, must have formed a place for taming the elephants.