Thma Bay Kaek

"The crow's rice stone"

Date 10th century
Cult Brahmanic (Shiva)
Clearing by M. Glaize in 1945

These are the remains situated between the south moat of Angkor Thom and Baksei Chamkrong, to the north of this last monument and 125 metres west of the road. One reaches the temple along a cart track that turns to the left just before the causeway of giants preceding the south gate of Angkor Thom. It stands as a ruined square brick tower with a single sandstone door frame that has a lintel with a central garuda and branches of purely ornamental decoration. Originally it was preceded to the east by a tiered laterite terrace that was probably once covered with thin sandstone paving, corresponding no doubt to the name given to the prasat by the locals.

The main interest in the excavation was the discovery, under the paving of the sanctuary chamber, of an intact sacred deposit composed of a quincunx of five gold leaves. The larger central leaf was engraved with the outline of a standing bull - the mount of Shiva.