Prasat Bei

"The three towers"

Date 10th century
Cult Brahmanic (Shiva)
Clearing by H. Marchal in 1919

On the same track as the preceding monument but 175 metres further on, and so 300 metres west of the road, these three brick towers are aligned north-south and open to the east. They stand on a common laterite platform of 24 metres by 9m.60. The northern tower is incomplete and, like the southern, its height is truncated just above the doors. The middle tower, where one can see Indra on a three headed elephant in the centre of the lintel, contains a pedestal with its linga. The lintel of the southern tower, resting on the ground, also represents Indra, but his mount has a single head.(9) The lintel of the northern tower remains only in rough outline.